Start-up Showcase

Hear Pitches from our 2020 Startups

Alia Health

Aila Health is a precision health management platform for patients with complex chronic conditions.

BearHouse Innovations

Inspiring and empowering dads to excel at fatherhood.


A restorative biomaterial to functionally repair teeth.

Dispatch Goods

Building an ecosystem of reusable, trackable, environment-friendly and non-toxic takeout containers which will not only replace the single-use economy.


KovaDx is making the diagnosis and monitoring of red blood cell diseases like sickle cell disease fast, affordable, and easy to use.


Myntor builds online courses that answer student questions in real-time using conversational AI.

Netic Health

A digital health platform for injured athletes.

Nexilico, Inc.

Developing advanced computational technologies to enhance drug development through gut microbiome precision medicine.


Crowd-sourced database of projects that allows you to discover opportunities through the world all around you.

Reveel Technology

Making sure creatives are credited and paid for their artistic contributions through record label metadata management.

Root Applied Sciences

Developing the first fully-automated field-deployed DNA-based sensor network for airborne agricultural pathogens.

Storx Technologies

Breakthrough technology for better monitoring of fetal health during labor and delivery.

YektaSonics Inc.

YektaSonics develops a highly cost-effective and high performance focused ultrasound system for non-invasive medicine applications.