To support…

a broad community of UC innovators

the celebration of diverse perspectives

opportunity creation

technically, emotionally, & intellectually prepared individuals

a human-centric approach to growing ventures

Because we know…

there’s more than one way to make an impact

there’s more than one path to implementation

it’s hard to find the right scaling for your innovation

ethically implemented technology is critical to creating large-scale societal benefit

entrepreneurship should be accessible & equitable

The CITRIS Foundry is located on the UC Berkeley campus. Our startups come from the surrounding science and engineering programs — many of which rank top in the world. The Foundry helps these entrepreneurs leverage one of the best research and startup ecosystems on the planet:


  • #1 in NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
  • Over half a billion dollars in research and other support from external sources each year
  • Leader in gene therapy, robotics, AI, sensors, materials
  • 468 VC-backed startups from alumni since 2010